Major life update!

When I initially decided to move to Chicago for law school, I didn’t know how long I would stay there.

All I knew was, I was craving an urban experience after spending my entire life in Ohio, and Chicago fit the bill: it offered the culture, food, sights, activities, and energy I was craving, but it was still in the Midwest and a relatively close drive to home.

And I’ll be honest, the thought of moving to a place like New York City scared the s*** out of me.

When I moved here, I had been dating my college boyfriend for about a year. Moving in together seemed like the “next step,” both romantically and financially.

Fast forward 11 years later, and I feel like I’ve lived so many different lives in this city: Law School Kara. Lawyer Kara. Girlfriend Kara. Engaged Kara. Married Kara. Homeowner Kara. Divorced Kara. Single Kara. Back to Girlfriend Kara. And most importantly, Entrepreneur Kara.

If you had told 22-year-old me that I would go through all of those evolutions during my time in Chicago, I would have scoffed and sarcastically quipped “Yeah, ok.”

And yet, here I am. With a new career, a new partner, and a new mindset, none of which I could have imagined when I got to Chicago.

Don’t get me wrong – it has been difficult. And it’s still difficult. When you’ve been on a certain track your entire life (become a lawyer, buy a house, get married), and then you fall off that track (sell the house, get divorced, change careers), the floodgates open, and the conflicting emotions & thoughts come swirling in.

I’m still working through who this new version of Kara is and what she wants. I experienced a loss of identity in the last couple of years, no question. And while it’s important to grieve that loss, it’s equally important to celebrate what is now possible in this new chapter of life.

To dream big, and to go for it.

And that’s exactly what I am doing. First up: I am moving to New York City! Yes, I am moving to the city that scared the s*** out of me. But what I have since learned, is that “scared” and “excited” often feel similar in our bodies. And this time around, I am most definitely EXCITED.

Excited to meet new people. To be reunited with my childhood best friend. To see new sights and try new things. To start a new chapter. To meet the next version of Kara.

Because one thing I have realized during my decade in Chicago is this: I thrive and do my best growth when I (metaphorically) burn everything to the ground and start fresh from the ashes.

Are you ready to follow along on this life-changing journey??



**FYI, this doesn’t change anything from a coaching perspective – I am still here to serve clients everywhere in all stages of divorce. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!**

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