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I am a divorce lawyer turned divorce coach, as well as a divorce survivor. If you are looking for emotional support, goal setting strategies and accountability in your divorce journey, you are in the right place!

Divorce Coaching Services

The Awakening

Have you had a wake-up call that your marriage isn’t working and needs to change, but you’re feeling stuck and unsure of the first step to move forward? Divorce coaches can help you gain insight, find clarity, and discover the best decisions for you and your loved ones, whether that means reconciliation, a trial separation, or divorce.

The Leap

You have made the important decisions to end your marriage and pursue the legal process of divorce. You may be feeling anxious and intimidated about moving forward. A divorce coach makes all the difference when it comes to planning and preparing for what lays ahead for you in the legal system.

The Breaking Free

Are you having a difficult time with divorce negotiations, parenting plan drafts, co parenting disputes, financial information, and more? You may need a divorce coach. While many divorce coaches have a psychological background, I have years of experience as a family law attorney. I understand the legal aspects, divorce papers, and the challenges of divorce. And I’m here to provide you the emotional support you need.

How to get divorced

The Phoenix

After the divorce is over, most people are feeling overwhelmed about starting over and making better decisions for their new life. A divorce coach can help you through the healing process, as well as partner with you to work on the goals you want to pursue in this next chapter, including setting up your new home, developing self-care techniques (mental, emotional and physical), honing your communication skills with your co parent, dating after divorce, and more.

About Me

I am a former family law attorney who helped clients navigate the stressful and frustrating divorce process. I also went through my own divorce after a 10-year relationship, in the midst of a global pandemic, no less! With all my personal and professional experience, I’ve learned one thing is certain: Divorce court is no place for feelings. However, bottling up your emotions will block you from moving forward confidently and efficiently.

As a divorce coach, I guide people through a goal oriented process designed to help you unpack your emotions and take ownership of your divorce process and future. My promise is that you will feel seen, heard, and supported through all stages of your divorce journey.

Kara Francis

3-Step Plan of how to work with me

Step 1: Are you ready for a change?

If you need help on the emotional side of divorce, take some time to really reflect on the following question: Are you able, willing and ready to be open, honest, vulnerable, and make a change in your life? If yes, then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Sign up for a free intro call

Our intro call is where you and I connect to learn more about each other, your relationship, whether we are a good fit for a coaching relationship, and which one of my programs will serve your best interests.

Step 3: Working together

In our weekly coaching sessions, we will discuss the goals you want to work on, process your emotions surrounding those goals, and work through the obstacles holding you back.

Kara Francis

Client Testimonials

Kara was my attorney throughout my very complicated and stressful divorce. Not only did she provide great legal counsel, but she was there for me emotionally as well. Kara was compassionate, detail-oriented and supportive. She helped me so much when things got overwhelming, and I don't know what I would have done without her. I am so thankful for Kara!
— Susan B.
I was a complete mess when Kara and I met. I was unwinding a 30-year marriage and unprepared to advocate for myself. Kara’s legal team provided the strength, clarity, and expertise I needed. More importantly, they were warm, supportive, and empathetic throughout the entire process. I am grateful for Kara’s attention to detail, her honesty, and her uncanny ability to read non-verbal communication…even on Zoom!
— Carol S.


As a divorce coach, I am an objective, non-judgmental sounding board who helps you process your emotions and think outside the box to find solutions to move forward. Divorce coaches work with their clients to define the goals you want to achieve in your divorce (and/or in life generally), and then we create action plans to achieve them. Along the way, I ask you empowering questions to help raise your consciousness about WHO you really are, WHAT you really want, WHY your goals are important to you, and what’s BLOCKING you from reaching your goals.

To learn more about what divorce coaching is (and is not), check out my blog post, “What is a divorce coach?

The focus of therapy is healing and recovering from events and trauma in your past. While coaching also gets into your past, we don’t stay there; we go from past, to present, to future. Another important difference is that therapy typically serves clients who are experiencing some level of dysfunction (i.e., an inability to function in everyday life), with the goal of helping them become functional. Conversely, coaching takes the client from functional to optimal.

To learn more about the differences between therapy and divorce coaching, check out my blog post, “What are the differences between therapy and coaching?

There are going to be many divorce professionals involved in your case: lawyers, mediator, judge, financial advisors, accountants, and parent coordinator (especially for high conflict divorce) are the first people you may think of. But none of these individuals are trained to help you on the emotional side of divorce. Given my professional experience, I know that emotions often block clients from thinking rationally and creatively on the legal side, which causes the divorce to drag on longer than necessary. I provide you a safe, judgment-free space to process your emotions, so you can move forward. We also define the goals you want to achieve, not only for your divorce, but for your new life. And unlike most coaches, I have years of legal experience in family law under my belt.

The other divorce professionals – while absolutely necessary – do not provide this type of support for you. Plus, releasing your emotions with a trained divorce coach is much more cost effective and will save time, compared to calling up your divorce lawyer, who is already pressed for time with many other cases and is not trained to help you process your emotions.

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